Emotional roller-coaster 


Holy shit what a week. It’s amazing how up and down my emotions have been this week. “Bipolar” doesnt even come close to describing it. Lol. I’m pretty sure I have experienced every emotion under the sun in a matter of 5 days. 

Its funny how life seems so big and important in the moment and then looking back all these big moments are just miniscule pieces. Loves, loses, things, memories, feelings…. All just little tiny flecks in the grand scheme of life. 

I’ve come to realize how much I cause my own drama. When you see your life is the way it is only because of the choices you make its a hard pill to swallow. Its like I’m watching myself spin around in a giant fucking hamster wheel and I am for some reason unable to stop it. 

Emotions suck. I wish I could deal better. I wish I had a point to this post. I wish I had my shit together. I wish for a lot of things but somehow I never seem to have the ability to do anything more that wish. It’s frustrating.  


Wishing for a willy


So the other day I caught Kylee trying to pee sitting backwards on the toilet. Wtf? An image I never expected to see. So I reminded her how we’re supposed to sit on the potty and that was the end of it. 

Well, last night she said this to me… 

“Momma I’m sorry for trying to pee like a boy the other day. It’s just that I’m so jealous that boys get to have a penis and we dont. I mean, it must be so awesome to have a penis. I bet having a penis is so much fun to just take it out whenever you want to. I wish sometimes that I had one too, don’t you?”

Hahahahaha. Yea kid, I wish I had a penis sometime too. It would probably make life a hell of a lot easier.