The baby. My little mini me. Skylar is the youngest of the 3 kids. She was born 5 days after my birthday and she is just like me in every single way, both the good and the bad. Quirky, particular, emotional, smart, strong.

We weren’t in the best place financially or emotionally when we found out we were pregnant with Skylar. Scott and I were going through some relationship things and to be 100% honest with you, I freaked when I found out I was pregnant. I got very depressed and actually highly contemplated putting her up for adoption because things were really really rough and I didn’t think they were going to ever get any better.

Fast forward to the day she was brought into this world. It was amazing, it was peaceful. It was everything I had wanted it to be. It was also so quick that the doctor didn’t even make it in time! I labored mostly at home at had her not even half an hour after getting to the hospital. It was crazy quick.

Now she is almost 3 and a big ball of awesome. I love watching her learn and grow every single day. And I seriously can’t imagine life without her in it.