My first little girl. My helper. My little old soul.

We brought Kylee home from the hospital and were forced to move not even 2 months later. We moved again a few months after that, and again about 6 months after that. Lots of new houses and new places within the first 2 years made for a rough start to childhood for Kylee.

I like to call her my “birth control baby” because after spending an hour with her, everyone who was even thinking about having kids changed their minds. She was a needy kid since day 1. She had to be bounced to sleep and it had to be dark. Im talking pitch black. This made for some very frustrating hot and sweaty nights bouncing on the bed holding a baby covered in a blanket. Hahaha.

Once Skylar was born and the household got more stable, we started to see Kylee change into the amazing girls she is today.

This kid right here is a perfect mixture of Scott and I. She has his looks and his outgoing personality, and is a “people pleaser” and an old soul like me.  Never in my life have I met a kid who is so kind and loving. She will do whatever she can to make sure that everyone else is taken care of.