And a crappy new year!


So far this year has been off to a rocky start. Everyone has been passing a cold back and forth since seriously freaking November! We got a break right around Christmas time and then we rung in the new year sick as shit again. 

Skylar has a double ear infection and I am just now starting to get my voice back. But let’s be honest, my voice has been gone for weeks and it’s mostly because of all the yelling I’ve been doing lately. 

Like I said, it’s been rough, so don’t judge me too hard, ok? Between the stress of the holidays and everyone being sick, I have been past my breaking point for a few weeks now.  I’ve been stopping, breathing, and focusing my ass off (thank you very much Mrs. Lilly in my anger management class for teaching me that). 

Little fights between the kids drive me insane lately. Today we got a bunch of homeschool supplies in the mail for Kylee and the girls started World War III over it. Hello kids, have we not spent our entire lives freaking sharing with each other? Wtf? Anyway, I digress. 

So, how have I been dealing with all of this extra stress? Clearly not very well, since I have no voice from yelling too much. Lol. I’ve been meditating lately to calm myself when I start feeling anxious and frustrated. I’ve been working a lot on minimalizing our lifestyle which has helped me in several ways, but I’ll get into another post about that soon. Hiding in the bathroom, I do that a lot. My family thinks I poop 18 times a day. 

I do confess that I am not one to work on self care, which would probably help me a lot in stressful times like these. My goal for this year is to practice more self care. Maybe that will be the key to a good 2017. 


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